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Nem que a vaca tussa*

* Not even if the cow coughs

Portuguese Brazil

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It's used when something is impossible to happen.

"Não ando nessa montanha russa nem que a vaca tussa!"

"I won’t ride this roller coaster, not even if the cow coughs!"

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dia de São Nunca*

* the day of Saint Never

Portuguese Brazil

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

This expression is used when someone wants to refer to something impossible, improbable.

"Só voltaremos a ser campeões no dia de São Nunca!"

"We will only be champions again on the day of St. Never!"

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se a vida fosse fácil, se chamaria miojo*

* If life were easy, it would be called instant noodles

Portuguese Brazil

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

This expression is used to reinforce that life is hard.

"Está sendo bem difícil sobreviver a 2020. Pois é, se a vida fosse fácil se chamaria miojo!"

"It is being very difficult to survive 2020. Well, if life was easy it would be called instant noodles!"

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