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French Mostly in the city of Toulouse, France

Name USED Very frequently BY People from the West part of France

(n.) It's a synonym of 'pain au chocolat', a French pastry.

"Bonjour, je voudrais une chocolatine s'il-vous-plaît."

"Hello, I would like a chocolatine, please."

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French Eastern regions, France

Word USED Frequently BY Some People

(adj.) "Être nareux" or "nareuse" means that you can't use something, like a glass, a bottle, or a spoon, after someone else. It's mostly used by people from the eastern regions of France.

"Si tu n'es pas nareux tu peux boire dans ma bouteille"

"If you are not nareux you can drink in my bottle"

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Pierre qui roule n'amasse pas mousse*

* A rolling stone gathers no moss

French France

Expression USED On Occasion BY Most People

Meaning that an adventurous life does not allow you to get materially rich. It comes from the facts that rocks gather moss in the forest.

"Il faut vraiment trouver un travail. Pierre qui roule n'amasse pas mousse."

"You really need to get a job. A rolling stone gathers no moss."

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Je suis en susu

French France

Expression USED On Occasion BY Young people

"Je suis en susu" is the abbrevation for "sueur" meaning sweating.

“Je stresse tellement, je suis en susu.“

“I'm so anxious, I'm sweating.”

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la moula

French France

Slang USED On Occasion BY Rappers and young people

(n.) La moula or La moulaga is a slang synonym to "argent" so money. It is mostly used in rap songs and by young people.

"Mais elle est où la moulaga ?"

"But where is the money ?"

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ça ne mange pas de pain*

* that doesn't eat bread

French France

Expression USED On Occasion BY everyone

When something doesn't cost anything and it's not bad. Or when you don't have to do much effort to have something.

"Ça mange pas de pain de reprendre un peu de salade!"

"It doesn’t eat bread to eat a little salad!"

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