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mít knedlík v krku*

* to have a dumpling in the throat

Czech Czechia

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

An idiom used when someone is unable to speak or is speechless.

''Měl knedlík v krku, když vstoupil na pódium.''

''He was unable to speak when he entered the stage."

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zlom vaz*

* break your neck

Czech Czechia

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

A common way to wish someone good luck. Instead of using ''a leg'' as it is in English, Czechs prefer to point to the upper body.

''Zlom vaz u zkoušky!''

''Break your neck at the exam!"

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* dude

Czech Czechia

Slang USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) A colloquial expression used among close friends that can also be used as an insult.

''Hele, vole, máš dneska čas?''

''Hey, dude, are you free today?"

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