* To afterenjoy

Dutch Netherlands

Word USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(v.) It means to take enjoyment in something after the fact, when something is not yet a distant memory. It’s generally used when you come home from for example a vacation, concert, and you are still feeling the enjoyment.

“Hoe was de vakantie?” “Heel fijn, ik ben nog lekker aan het nagenieten”

“How was your vacation?” “Very nice, I’m still afterenjoying”

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Ech hunn de Kéis!*

* I have the cheese

Luxembourgish Luxembourg

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

In Luxembourg, you don't say "I have the cheese" when you're grocery shopping... unless you're fed up and in a bad mood! It means "I've had enough".

[Someone behaves like an idiot] "Du Eefalt! Ech hunn de Kéis!"

"You idiot! I have the cheese"

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luk i voda*

* onion and water

Serbian Serbia

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

Used to depict something that is very easy to complete.

"Kontrolni zadatak je bio luk i voda, sve sam dobro uradio."

"The test was onion and water, I did everything correctly."


Quand les poules auront des dents*

* When chickens have teeth

French France

Expression USED In the past BY Older Generations

Hyperbolic figure of speech describing something so unlikely it would never happen. French equivalent of "when pigs fly".

"J'espère qu'un jour il réalisera qu'il faut nettoyer sa chambre..." "Ouais, quand les poules auront des dents..."

"I hope he will someday understand he needs to clean his room." "Yeah, when chickens have teeth..."

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ça ne mange pas de pain*

* that doesn't eat bread

French France

Expression USED On Occasion BY everyone

When something doesn't cost anything and it's not bad. Or when you don't have to do much effort to have something.

"Ça mange pas de pain de reprendre un peu de salade!"

"It doesn’t eat bread to eat a little salad!"

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la neta*

* the truth

Spanish Mexico

Word USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(n.) A more colloquial word that used to mean "the truth," and when used, emphasizes the truthfulness of what was said.

“¿neta wey?”

“for real?“

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French France

Slang USED Frequently BY Younger generations

A very recent term, it is the verlan of "mate" and can be used either on its own to mean "look!" or can be followed by the name of the item you want the other person to look at/check out.

"téma le flow"

"check out this flow"

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les doigts dans le nez*

* fingers in the nose

French French speaking countries

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Anyone

Used to describe something that is done very easily, without any difficulty. While the literal translation is not actually used by native English speakers, French speaking people sometimes use it in a humorous way in English.

“Elle a réussi son examen du permis de conduire les doigts dans le nez!”

“She passed her driving test fingers in the nose!”

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* because

Romanian Moldova


Became very popular in common speech after president Igor Dodon used it as an answer to a provocative question addressed by journalists.

"De ce nu purtați mască? De-atâta!"

"Why don't you wear a mask? Because!"



* to lemon

Italian Primarily the North, Italy

Word USED Frequently BY Teens

(v.) To kiss someone with the tongue (to make out).

"Ho visto Gianni e Davide limonare su una panchina al parco."

"I saw John and David lemoning on a bench in the park."

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al pedo*

* to the fart

Spanish Argentina

Slang USED Very frequently BY Young People

When you do something for nothing.

"Me puse a estudiar al pedo."

"I studied to the fart."

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a cazzo di cane*

* by dog's penis

Italian Italy

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

When something is done randomly, without paying attention.

"Ho parcheggiato a cazzo di cane."

"I parked by dog's penis."

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A-i pica fisa*

* When your coin drops

Romanian Romania

Expression USED Frequently BY everyone

When you find an answer to a specific problem that bothered you for a long time; When you have a revelation.

"When I explained to her the chemistry exercise, her coin dropped and she finally understood it."

"Când i-am explicat exercițiul de chimie, i-a picat fisa și l-a înțeles în sfârșit."

Y'all come back now

English Texas, United States

Expression USED Frequently BY People Over 50

A common farewell, similar to "safe travels".

"It's time to call it a night, we're off." "Alright, y'all come back now!"

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Bless your heart

English United States

Expression USED Very frequently BY Mothers

A sarcastic phrase used to call others dumb or clumsy.

"Obama was the first president of the US." "Oh, bless your heart..."

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