German Germany

Slang USED On Rare Occasion BY Young People

(n.) It’s an abbreviation for “Mensch Ohne Freunde” (Person without friends) and is usually used as a joke among friends when you’re in a situation all by yourself.

“Ich war die einzige, die da war. Ich habe mich wie ein Mof gefühlt.”

"I’m the only one who was there. I felt like a Mof."

on my Larry

English United Kingdom

Slang USED On Occasion BY Young People

Refers to someone who is a loner. Someone who has no friends.

"Please hurry up! I'm all on my Larry"

être dans la sauce*

* to be in the sauce

French France

Slang USED On Occasion BY Mostly used by young people

You can use this expression to say that you are in trouble.

"Il n’aurait pas dû dire ça, il va être dans la sauce."

"He should not have said that, he is gonna be in the sauce."


English Various countries

Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Young people

Stands for "not gonna lie" and is used before a statement that might be perceived as strange, or too honest. As an acronym, it's mostly used online.

"What do you think of my painting?" "ngl, it's not your best."

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* hole-filler

French French speaking countries

Word USED On Occasion BY Young People

(n.) It describes a person used as a replacement of another person in a group.

"Elle a parfois l'impression d'être le bouche-trou de la bande ; elle est invitée à manger ou faire la fête avec eux seulement quand ça les arrangent."

"She sometimes has the feeling of being the group hole-filler; she's invited to eat or party with them only when it suits them."

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C'est pas mon délire*

* It is not my excitation

French France

Expression USED On Occasion BY Mostly young people

It is used to mean that something is not your taste, not your cup of tea or not what you usually like.

"Tu viens regarder le match avec nous ce soir ?" "Non merci, le foot, c'est pas mon délire."

"Are you coming to see the match with us tonight?" "No, thank you. Football is not my excitation."

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French France

Name USED On Occasion BY Young People

It is a name used to refer to a stereotypical man, who is in love with his car and practices car tuning. Other characteritics would be wearing a mulet, watching football (and Pimp My Ride), drinking a lot of beer, calling his wife "mum", etc.

"Un mec qui pose à côté de sa voiture sur sa photo de profil, c'est clairement un jacky!"

"A guy posing next to his car on his profile pic is clearly a jacky!"

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so ein Horst*

* such a Horst

German Germany

Slang USED On Occasion BY Young People

Used as an insult for a stupid person. It’s not a really strong insult, but it shows how annoyed you are by that person. Horst is a male name.

"Hast du schon wieder vergessen, die Tür zuzumachen? Du bist so ein Horst."

"Did you forget to close the door again? You’re such a Horst."

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me meo*

* I'm peeing!

Spanish Spain

Slang USED Frequently BY Young People

It's used when something is really funny.

"¡Qué gracioso eres! ¡Me meo!"

"You're so funny! I'm peeing!"

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English United Kingdom

Interjection USED Frequently BY Young People

(interj.) Contraction of the phrase "isn't it?". Used to express agreement and confirm something someone else has said.

"It's so cold today." "Innit."

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La rompe*

* It breaks her

Spanish | Rioplatenian Argentina

Expression USED Frequently BY Young People

Used for when someone's really good or skilled in something.

Note: Also it is used in some other Spanish-speaking countries

''A Sony dale un micro y la rompe en el ring.''

''Give Sony a mic and he breaks her on the ring.''

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* to stain

Italian Milan, Italy

Slang USED Frequently BY Young People

(v.) To sweat.

"Fa così caldo che sto pezzando!"

"It’s so hot that I'm staining!"

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Serbian Serbia

Slang USED Very frequently BY Young People

(n.) It knows no gender, it can be used both for guys and girls, like buddy or mate.

"De si gari, šta ima?"

"Hey mate, what's up?"




Japanese Japan

Slang USED Frequently BY Young People

(v.) This word means that you just had tapioca/boba/bubble tea. It’s commonly used amongst young Japanese girls today.


"Hey, wanna get some tapioca after school?"





* meek, tame

Spanish Mendoza, Argentina

Word USED Very frequently BY Young People

(adj.) 1) "Cool", "awesome". 2) It can also be used as an intensifier (i.e. "such a x"), but this last meaning might not always be positive.

1) "Me regalaron un celu nuevo." "¡Manso!" 2) "Los de la empresa de viajes al final eran mansos estafadores."

1) "I was gifted a new phone." "Cool!" 2) "The people from the travel agency turned out to be such scammers."

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