* Take care of yourself

Turkish Turkey

Abbreviation USED On Occasion BY Teens

An abbreviation of 'kendine iyi bakIt', it is mostly used before saying goodbye and telling your friend to take care of themselves well. This shows that you care about them.

"Görüşürüz kardeşim, kib" "Sende kib"

"See you later brother/sister, take care of yourself" "You take care of yourself too"


French Québec, Canada

Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Teens

Abbreviation for "énervé", which translates to being "annoyed" or "angry". Used in text messages by teenagers and young adults.

"Ouf, ma mère me fatigue aujourd'hui, je suis NRV!"

"Ugh my mom's getting on my nerves today, I'm so annoyed!"




* broken from laughter

French France

Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

Equivalent to "lmao" and "lol". Can also mean "I can't anymore" if something is too funny or you are making fun of it. To emphasise the word, add more R.

"Il s'est grave tapé la honte ptdr"

"He made a fool of himself lmao"

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* why/because

Spanish Spanish speaking countries

Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Teens

It's short for "por qué", which translates to "why" in English. It's used when texting other teenagers.

"Che, ¿qué haces ahora?" "Nada... ¿xq?"

"Hey friend, what are you doing right now?" "Nothing... why?"

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Japanese Japan

Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Everyone

Equivalent to the English 'LOL'.

「 冗談だよ笑。」

'Just kidding. LOL.'



* I love you

Italian Italy

Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Children and teenagers

Short for "ti voglio bene", the non-romantic "love you".

"Martina, sei la mia migliore amica. TVB!"

"Martina, you're my best friend. TVB!"

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English Various countries

Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Young people

Stands for "not gonna lie" and is used before a statement that might be perceived as strange, or too honest. As an acronym, it's mostly used online.

"What do you think of my painting?" "ngl, it's not your best."

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* don't worry about it

French France

Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Mostly young people

Short for "t'inquiète", which is short for "ne t'inquiète pas", meaning "don't worry about it".

"Il y aura assez à boire pour ce soir?" "Tkt j'ai tout ce qui faut."

"Will there be enough drinks for tonight?" "Tkt, I got it covered."

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