French France

Acronym USED Frequently BY Teens, young adults

Short for "fils de pute", literally "son of a bitch". It is most often used as an insult, but sometimes, young adults can use it at the end of a sentence, when they are annoyed and want to exaggerate. It's mainly used when texting, but you can also hear it spoken. Caution: "fdp" is also a short for "frais de port" (shipping costs).

"Rends-moi mon argent fdp."

"Give me back my money you son of a bitch."

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Tagalog Philippines

Acronym USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

Stands for "Kulang Sa Pansin" which literally means "lack of attention". It refers to people who do exaggerated, unnecessary or annoying things to draw attention to themselves. It usually refers to children but is also applicable to adults.

"KSP ka ba? Ba't ang gulo-gulo mo lagi?"

"Are you lacking attention? Why are you always bothersome?"


English English speaking countries

Acronym USED On Occasion BY Gen Z'ers

(n.) An acronym for 'love of my life'. Often used on Instagram as a caption for a picture of your partner.

"Look at him. #loml"

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* or something alike

Dutch Netherlands

Acronym USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

Stands for "of iets dergelijks" (or something alike) and is used after an array of things to indicate there are more examples along the same lines are possible.

"Neem een trui oid mee voor de kou."

"Take a sweater or something alike against the cold."

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English English speaking countries

Acronym USED Frequently BY Young People

Stands for Fear of Missing Out.

"I decided to stay in on Friday night but when I saw the pictures the next day I had major fomo."

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English English speaking countries

Acronym USED On Occasion BY Most People

Stands for Bring Your Own Beer/Booze. Often found on party invitations or restaurants to indicate that you are welcome to bring your own drinks with you.

"Can we stop at the shop on the way to the party? It's a BYOB kind of thing."

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Italian Italy

Acronym USED Very frequently BY Teens

Short for "comunque", which translates to "anyways" or "by the way".

Note: Mostly used when texting.

"Cmq non mi va di andare al cinema stasera."

"I don't feel like going to the movies tonight btw."

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French France

Acronym USED Very frequently BY Young People

Acronym for "j'en peux plus", meaning "I can't take it anymore". Initially used in text messages but now frequently heard in speech, pronounced not as "j'en peux plus" but as each letter sounds in the French alphabet. Used whenever we are tired by or annoyed at something.

"Mon ex n'arrête pas de m'appeler, jpp !"

"My ex won't stop calling me, I can't take it anymore!"

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