s'ennuyer comme un rat mort*

* to be bored like a dead rat

French France

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

It is used to express extreme boredom.

"Il n'y a rien à faire ici." "Ouais, je m'ennuie comme un rat mort."

"There's nothing to do here." "Yeah, I'm bored to death."

él, mint Marci Hevesen*

* they live like Marci in Heves

Hungarian Hungary

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

Used to describe someone who got lucky and is living his/her best life. Marci was a 19th century Hungarian outlaw who mostly operated in Heves county.

"Megszedte magát, vett egy nagy házat, s él, mint Marci Hevesen."

"He got rich, bought a big house and lives like Marci in Heves."


als donderslag bij heldere hemel*

* like thunderstrike with clear sky

Dutch Netherlands

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

Something completely unexpected.

"Het nieuws kwam als donderslag bij heldere hemel."

"The news came like thunderstrike with clear sky."


at være helt Palle*

* to be completely Palle

Danish Denmark

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

Being on your own, or alone. From the 1942 book ‘Palle alene verden’ by Jens Sigsgaard. A young boy, Palle, wakes up to find himself all alone in the world. At first, it’s fun, but later it gets lonely, but thankfully he wakes up from what was only a dream.

“Jeg var helt Palle”

"I was completely Palle."



наставить рога*

* to put horns on [somebody]

Russian Russia

Expression USED On Occasion BY Older Generations

(v.) To cheat on someone. Depictions of a stag-horned cheated-on man are often in jokes and caricatures relating to cheating.

"Он убил свою жену за то, что она наставила ему рога."

"He has killed his wife because she put horns on him."

hatchings, matchings and despatchings

English United Kingdom

Expression USED On Very Rare Occasion BY Some People

Births, weddings, and deaths.

"I only go to church for hatchings, matchings, and despatchings."

main kayu tiga*

* playing three sticks

Malay Various countries

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

This expression is used to refer to someone who has an affair outside of their marriage.

"Kamu tak dengar berita ke? Syed tu tengah main kayu tiga dengan bosnya!"

"Haven't you heard the news? Syed is playing three sticks with his boss!"

voor hetzelfde geld*

* for the same money

Dutch Netherlands

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

When a different outcome would have been just as likely.

"We hadden er gelukkig lekker weer bij, maar voor hetzelfde geld had het geregend op onze trouwdag."

"Luckily we had good weather, but for the same money it would have rained on our wedding day."


¡ea, rayo!*

* oh devil!

Spanish Puerto Rico

Expression USED On Occasion BY Adults

Equivalent to saying “oh, shucks!”.

"¡Ea, rayo! Se me olvidó lavar la ropa."

"Oh, shucks! I forgot to do laundry."



the devil's beating his wife

English Southern States, United States

Expression USED On Occasion BY Older Generations

A phrase that means 'it is raining while not overcast, so the sun is still visible, and it is bright outside despite the rain'.

"Take a look out the window and tell me what the weather's like." "The devil's beating his wife." "Hopefully it'll clear up soon; I forgot my umbrella."

ça ne mange pas de pain*

* that doesn't eat bread

French France

Expression USED On Occasion BY everyone

When something doesn't cost anything and it's not bad. Or when you don't have to do much effort to have something.

"Ça mange pas de pain de reprendre un peu de salade!"

"It doesn’t eat bread to eat a little salad!"

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Quand les poules auront des dents*

* When chickens have teeth

French France

Expression USED In the past BY Older Generations

Hyperbolic figure of speech describing something so unlikely it would never happen. French equivalent of "when pigs fly".

"J'espère qu'un jour il réalisera qu'il faut nettoyer sa chambre..." "Ouais, quand les poules auront des dents..."

"I hope he will someday understand he needs to clean his room." "Yeah, when chickens have teeth..."

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être rond comme une queue de pelle*

* round as the end of the shovel

French France

Expression USED Frequently BY People Over 40

Used to say that someone is drunk.

"Maurice et Thierry ont passé la journée à boire avec Hervé. Ils sont ronds comme des queues de pelle."

"Maurice and Thierry spent the day drinking with Hervé. They're as round as the end of a shovel."

s'envoyer en l'air*

* to send oneself to the air

French France

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

To have sex, to get laid.

"Mon voisin passe son temps à s'envoyer en l'air, et il n'est pas discret."

"My neighbour spends his time sending himself to the air, and he is not discreet."

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défonce tout*

* destroy everything

French France

Expression USED Very frequently BY Young adults and adults

Used to wish good luck to someone (for a job interview or an important exam for instance).

"Vas-y, tu vas tout défoncer à ton contrôle!"

"Go ahead, you'll destroy everything under your control!"