twardy orzech do zgryzienia*

* a hard nut to bite

Polish Poland

Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

An expression used to say that something's not easy, hard to solve or to understand

"Jego choroba to twardy orzech do zgryzienia. Nie wiem, co mu jest."

"His disease is a hard nut to bite. I don't know what's wrong with him."


życie to nie bajka*

* life's no fairytale

Polish Poland

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

It means life it's not easy and doesn't always go as planned.

"Mówię ci, życie to nie bajka."

"I'm telling you, life's no fairytale."




* little bull

Polish Poland

Name USED Frequently BY Teenage Boys

(n.) This is the vocative of byczek, which is the diminutive of byk. It is used very often among friends, but can also be used sarcastically.

"Oj tak, byczku."

"Sure, little bull."


Polish Poland

Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(adj.) Expression of approval. It's a clipping of the word spokojnie (calmly). It can also be used as an adjective.

"Twoi rodzice wydają się całkiem spoko."

"Your parents seem pretty cool."

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Polish Poland

Slang USED Very frequently BY Young People

(n.) Something cool, incredible or impressive.

Note: In the 90s it was used as a title of a movie about two money changers, and back then "sztos" meant "acting fast" or "something surprising". In 2016 "sztos" was chosen as the Youth Word of the Year in Poland.

"Nowy film Tarantino to sztos!"

"Tarantino's new movie is sztos!"




* forehead!

Polish Poland

Interjection USED Frequently BY Older Generations

(n.) Goodbye or greeting word.

"Muszę już iść. Czołem wszystkim!"

"I gotta go. Forehead everyone!"

myśleć o niebieskich migdałach*

* to think about blue almonds

Polish Poland

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

To think about unimportant things. It also means daydreaming.

"Tomek zawsze myśli o niebieskich migdałach podczas lekcji. Powinien się skupić!

"Tom always thinks about blue almonds during class. He should focus!"

chuj bombki strzelił*

* dick shot the baubles

Polish Poland

Idiom USED On Rare Occasion BY Almost Everyone

Phrase used when one loses hope because something went terribly wrong

"Naprawdę chciałem iść na ten koncert, a tu koronawirus się zjawił i chuj bombki strzelił."

"I really wanted to go to that concert, but then coronavirus appeared and dick shot the baubles."




Polish Poland

Expression USED Very frequently BY Young People

Informal way of saying "hello", used mostly by young people. It’s a short for “Jak się masz?”, meaning “How are you doing?”. It’s not expected to answer the question however, as its just treated as a different “hi” or “hiya”.

"Siema! Jak leci?"

"Hi! How is it going?"

na bank*

* on bank

Polish Poland

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(adv.) for sure

"Na bank pójdziemy jutro do kina."

"For sure we'll go to the cinema tomorrow."

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* "[the party] 100 days [before]”

Polish Poland

Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(n.) a prom party that it’s organised around 100 days before Matura exam (state examination at the end of high school)

"Marii nie będzie na studniówce, bo złamała sobie nogę."

"Maria won’t come to her prom party, because she broke her leg."

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pierdolenie o Chopinie*

* bullshitting about Chopin

Polish Poland

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

To talk nonsense; typically used to discredit someone or express that we don’t care.

"A co jeśli naprawdę nas ukarzą?" "E tam, pierdolenie o Chopinie, nic nam nie zrobią."

"And what if they actually punish us?" "Oh come on, it’s bullshitting about Chopin, they won’t do anything."

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lać wodę*

* to pour water

Polish Poland

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Students

to talk or write a lot without giving any useful information or any clear answers

"Esej na trzy strony? Trzeba będzie lać wodę."

"A 3-page essay? We will have to pour water."

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wystroić się jak szczur na otwarcie kanału*

* to dress up like a rat for the inauguration of the sewers

Polish Poland

Slang USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

To tart oneself up inadequately to a situation and/or extravagantly.

"A co ty się tak wystoriłaś jak szczur na otwarcie kanałów? My po prostu idziemy w jeansach."

"Why did you dress up like a rat for the inauguration of the sewers? Us, we are just wearing bluejeans."

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załatwić coś

Polish Poland

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

(v.) It means to arrange something, get something done, to run errands.

Note: It is very frequently used and can have variety of meanings. "Załatwić coś" is more about getting things done rather than doing them. I will provide you with two different examples. First one is from "Frozen II": in the attached proof of use Olaf says "Ja to załatwię." (literal translation: "I will get it done." / in the original English version he just says "Hello I'm Olaf.") from the context of the movie you know that he says that because he wants to fix the situation they have found themselves in. To understand second one imagine that someone has tricked you. You're now "załatwiony" (literal translation: "done"). So if you'll be speaking Polsih and find yourself missing a word maybe any form of "załatwić" could be a good replacement.

"Musisz załatwić mu pracę, lokum i pieniądze."

"You have to get him a job, accommodation and money."

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