veľa šťastia*

* a lot of luck

Slovak Slovakia

Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY Everyone

Used in a situation when one wishes good luck to someone or in the song "Happy Birthday".

"Veľa šťastia na skúške!"

"A lot of luck on the exam!"



Slovak Záhorie, Slovakia

Word USED On Occasion BY Some People

(adv.) Totally, completely, absolutely

"On je konc blbý!"

"He's totally stupid!"



je dlhý ako týždeň do výplaty*

* it's as long as the week before the payout

Slovak Slovakia

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

Used when reffering to something that takes too much time, such as movie, journey etc.

"Cesta z Bratislavy do Košíc je dlhá ako týždeň do výplaty!"

"The roadtrip from Bratislava to Košice is as long as the week before the payout!"



hodiť šabľu*

* to throw a sabre

Slovak Slovakia

Idiom USED Frequently BY Young People

(v.) To vomit.

"Prišiel som z párty až nad ránom a bolo mi tak zle, že som okamžite musel hodiť šabľu."

"I came back from party early in the morning and I felt so bad so I had to throw a sabre immediately."