* ass-violin

German German speaking countries

Slang USED On Occasion BY Teens

(n.) an insult for someone you really don't like, a synonym for idiot

Er hat mir mein Geld geklaut! So eine Arschgeige!

He stole my money! What an ass-violin!

den Führerschein im Lotto gewonnen haben*

* to have won your driver's license in the lottery

German German speaking countries

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Angry Drivers

This phrase is usually used while driving when another driver makes a mistake or drives carelessly.

Autofahrer missachtet die Vorrangregeln - "Hast du deinen Führerschein im Lotto gewonnen oder was?"

A driver ignores the priority rules - "Have you won your driver's licence in the lottery or something?"


es schifft*

* it ships

German | Baseldytsch Basel, Switzerland

Expression USED Frequently BY Most People

Meaning it is pouring rain.

"Ich chum nid, es schifft."

"I'm not coming, it is shipping."

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Es schüttet wie aus Eimern*

* It is pouring out of buckets

German German speaking countries

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

This phrase can be used to describe heavy rainfall.

"Wir mussten unser Familientreffen absagen, es schüttete wie aus Eimern."

"We had to cancel our family gathering, it was pouring out of buckets."

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Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof*

* Life is not a pony farm

German German speaking countries

Proverb USED On Rare Occasion BY Almost Everyone

This phrase is used when trying to express that life is not easy.

"Du musst dir dein Geld selbst erarbeiten, das Leben ist schließlich kein Ponyhof."

"You have to work for your own money, life is not a pony farm after all."

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* fun brake

German German speaking countries

Word USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(n.) A person who either refuses to take part in fun activities or ruins the fun for everybody else.

"Könnt ihr die Musik bitte leiser machen?" "Ach Mensch, du bist so eine Spaßbremse!"

"Could you please turn down the music?" "Oh man, you are such a fun brake!"



's Läba isch koi Schlotzer*

* Life is not a lollipop

German | Swabian Swabia, Germany

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Swabians

Used as a response when someone complains about a small problem or task. Meaning life is not always easy.

"Ich hab noch soviel zu tun..." "s Läba osch koi Schlotzer"

"I have sooo much to do..." "Life is not a lollipop"

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nicht alle Tassen im Schrank haben*

* to not have all the cups in the cupboard

German German speaking countries

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Some People

To be crazy.

"Du willst trotz des Sturms schwimmen gehen? Du hast doch nicht alle Tassen im Schrank!"

"You want to go swimming despite the storm? You must not have all the cups in the cupboard!"

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Holla, die Waldfee!*

* "Holla, the forest fairy!"

German German speaking countries

Idiom USED On Very Rare Occasion BY Some People

Can be used to express a state of surprise or shock. However, it is very rarely used in a serious way because of its rather funny wording.

"Dein neues Auto sieht ja richtig schick aus! Aber der Preis... Holla, die Waldfee!"

"Your new car looks really nice! But the price... Holla, the forest fairy!"

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German | Hessian Hessia, Germany

Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Used in Hessia and parts

A way of saying Guten Tag.

"Gude, wie geht’s?"

"Hi, how are you?"

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* field chatter

German | Plattdeutsch Northern Germany, Germany

Word USED On Very Rare Occasion BY Some People

(n.) It’s a funny and endearing way to say mobile phone. However most people would simply use the German word for mobile phone (handy) instead. “Field chatter” also suggests the farmerly my background, that most people who speak Plattdeutsch have.

"Hast du din Ackerschnacker dabi? Ick mutt mol ken anropen."

"Do you have your mobile phone with you? I need to call someone."

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* damage happiness

German Germany

Word USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(n.) To be happy by other people’s misfortune.

"Hast du gehört? Herr Müller hat schon wieder verschlafen. *lacht* Jetzt muss er Extraarbeit machen." "Du bist wirklich schadenfroh!"

"Did you hear? Mister Müller overslept again. * laughs* Now he’s got to do extra work." "You’re well gleeful!"

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die Nerven schmeißen*

* to throw one's nerves

German Austria

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

To feel overwhelmed or to have a mental breakdown.

"Nachdem mein Laptop zum dritten Mal abgestürzt ist, habe ich die Nerven geschmissen."

"After my laptop crashed for the third time, I threw my nerves."

Confirmed by 2 people



* Damage-happiness

German Germany

Word USED Frequently BY Everyone

(n.) A feeling of happines that someone gets when others fail or things go wrong.

"Hast du gehört? Herr Müller hat schon wieder verschlafen." "Du bist ja richtig schadenfroh!"

"Did you head? Mr. Müller overslept again." "You’re really 'damage-happy'!"




* cool

German German speaking countries

Word USED Very frequently BY Young People

(adj.) Used both as an adjective or an interjection to express that you like something or approval.

"Dein neues Lied ist echt geil!"

"Your new song is really cool!"

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