In culo alla balena!*

* In the whale's ass!

Italian Italy

Expression USED Frequently BY Some People

This is a way to wish someone good luck. Pay close attention to what you're expected to answer.

"In culo alla balena per domani!" "Speriamo che non caghi!"

"In the whale's ass for tomorrow!" "Let's hope it doesn't shit!"


In bocca al lupo!*

* In the wolf's mouth!

Italian Italy

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

You say this to wish good luck. There's a debate over the answer to give - "crepi" (may it die) or "evviva il lupo" (may the wolf live). You only have to choose what side you're on.

"Domani ho la consegna della tesi di laurea: augurami buona fortuna." "In bocca al lupo!"

"Tomorrow I have to turn in my thesis - wish me luck." "In the wolf's mouth!"

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