screw up

English United States

Standard Phrase USED Very frequently BY some people

(v.) Used to express a mistake or an error you made. People use this phrase when they don't want to mess something up or to have something go wrong.

"Take your time, you don't want to screw up!"

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dat verteld het verhaal niet*

* that the story doesn't tell

Dutch Netherlands

Expression USED On Occasion BY some people

Used when you are telling something and someone asks a question you don't have the answer to.

"Mijn moeder is een keertje wezen skydiven." "Vond ze het leuk?" "Dat verteld het verhaal niet"

"My mom went skydiving once" "Did she like it?" "That the story doesn't tell"

the plot thickens

English United States

Expression USED On Occasion BY some people

An expression originally used when something is introduced to the plot in a novel, movie, etc., to make it more complicated or interesting, but is now also used outside that context to indicate a set of circumstances has become more complex, mysterious, interesting, or difficult to understand.

"Remember I told you I keep finding rubber ducks at my doorstep?" "Yeah?" "Turns out the same thing is happening to my sister!" "Wow, the plot thickens"

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a day late and a dollar short

English United States

Expression USED On Occasion BY some people

A day late and a dollar short is another way to say too little too late. When a person is a day late and a dollar short, he has not only missed an opportunity due to tardiness, but also because he has not put forth enough effort. Originally, the phrase a day late and a dollar short most probably referred to not having enough money to avail oneself of something. The oldest known use of the phrase a day late and a dollar short in print was in 1939. The idiom was most certainly in common use before this, and probably has its roots in the general poverty common among most American citizens during the Great Depression. The idiom is very popular in the American South.

"The help after the hurricane came a day late and a dollar short"

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Portuguese Brazil

Slang USED On Occasion BY Some people

It comes from the possibility to call companies customer service in Brazil using the prefix 0800 without being charged for it.

"Vamos à festa na sexta-feira, a entrada vai ser 0800."

"Lets go to the party on Friday, the entrance will be for free."

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a little birdie told me

English English speaking countries

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Some people

This idiom is used playfully not to reveal the source of information about something. Usually, however, the source of the information is obvious. Sometimes rendered as 'A little bird told me'

"How did you know it was my birthday?" "Let's just say a little birdie told me!"

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Dutch Netherlands

Word USED On Rare Occasion BY some people

To fool around laughingly, often in a childish or unhanded way.

Het is erg vervelend als andermans kinderen de hele dag lopen te ginnegappen.

It's very annoying when other peoples kids are fooling around for the whole day.

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Wat is wijsheid?*

* What is wisdom?

Dutch Netherlands

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Some people

Used when you are not sure what the right thing to do is.

"Moet ik de nieuwe baan aannemen, of gewoon bij m'n oude blijven?" "Tsja, wat is wijsheid?"

"Should I take the new job or stay at my current one?" "Well, what is wisdom?"

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not here to fuck spiders

English Australia

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

An Australian way of saying "we're not here to do nothing".

"Should we start the meeting?" "Well, we’re not here to fuck spiders, are we?"

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We're gonna need a bigger boat

English United States

Reference USED Rarely BY Some people

Reference to the 1975 shark movie Jaws. Is used when current resources aren't enough to handle the situation that is about to come.

"I heard more than 100 people are coming to the party tonight" "Damn, we're gonna need a bigger boat"

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Spanish Argentina

Word USED Frequently BY Some people

Used for the verb "to work" in the Lunfardo, which is an argot originated and developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the lower classes in Buenos Aires and from there spread to other cities nearby, such as the surrounding area Greater Buenos Aires, Rosario and Montevideo.

"Mañana tengo que laburar."

"Tomorrow I have to work."

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vylez mi na hrb*

* climb on my humpback

Slovak Slovakia

Idiom USED Frequently BY Some People

"vylez mi na hrb" means "f*** you/piss off/i don't care..."

"Nevyniesol si smeti...Zase!" "Vylez mi na hrb!"

"You did not take out the trash...Again!" "Climb on my humpback!"


* #Iwillstayhome

Italian Italy

Hashtag USED In the past BY Some People

A hashtag created during the coronavirus crisis to encourage people to stay home and to follow social distancing rules.

"Oggi #iorestoacasa e dovreste farlo anche voi!"

"Today #Iwillstayhome and you should do so too!"

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* #everythingwillbeallright

Italian Italy

Hashtag USED On Occasion BY Some People

A hashtag created during the coronavirus crisis to remind people everything will be back to normal soon.

"Molti italiani utilizzano l'hashtag #andràtuttobene per dare speranza agli altri."

"Many Italians use the hashtag #andràtuttobene to give hope to others."

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the Mrs

English United Kingdom

Slang USED On Occasion BY Some People

(n.) Used by men to refer to their partner. Does not necessarily mean they are married.

"Want to go for a beer tonight?" "I can't, I'm staying in with the Mrs."

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