* clouds

Spanish Spain

Word USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(n.) That's the word for "marshmallow".

"Me apetece comerme unas nubes."

"I feel like having some clouds."

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* big bottle

Spanish Spain

Word USED Very frequently BY Young People

(n.) Spanish activity consisting of people gathering outdoors to socialize while drinking. It's popular among the youth partly due to rising drink prices at bars or clubs, and partly because more people can meet in one place. It's not a substitute to typical nightlife, but rather a cheaper way to drink with people before going out.

"¿Quién se apunta al botellón de esta noche?" "¡Yo! Voy a llevar calimocho."

"Who's coming to tonight's big bottle?" "I am! I'm bringing calimocho (red wine and cola)."

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estar pagat*

* to be paid

Catalan | Meridional - Valencian Spain

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

To be satisfied with something. Can also be used in negative form (estar despagat, estar despagada - to not be payed) when you are not satisfied with something.

"Estic molt despagada amb els nous horaris."

"I am not very paid with the new schedule."

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Spanish The Internet, Spain

Name USED On Occasion BY Memers

(n.) Female owner of a cat.

Note: "Anvorguesa" is a play on the word "hamburguesa" (hamburger) and serves as the Spanish equivalent of the cat-related meme "I can haz cheeseburger".

"No, Karen, no quiero whiskas, quiero mi anvorguesa."

"No Karen, I don't want whiskas, I want my 'anvorguesa'."

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me meo*

* I'm peeing!

Spanish Spain

Slang USED Frequently BY Young People

It's used when something is really funny.

"¡Qué gracioso eres! ¡Me meo!"

"You're so funny! I'm peeing!"

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la setmana dels tres dijous *

* the week of three Thursdays

Catalan Catalonia, Spain

Expression USED Frequently BY Older Generations

It is used when talking about something that won’t happen. A second possible ending to the expression is the rhyme "que la dotzena tindrà tretze ous" which means "when in a dozen eggs, there will be thirteen".

"Oí tant! Parlarem dels diners que vols que et deixi la setmana dels tres dijous."

"Yeah, yeah... we’ll talk about lending you money the week of the three Thursdays."


Spanish Spain

Emoji USED Very frequently BY Teenage Girls

It means something is very cute. The word for that is "mono", which happens to have "monkey" as its first meaning, hence the emoji.

"Te he comprado chuches." "Ayyy 🙈"

"I bought you candy." "Awww 🙈"

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ni Periscope ni hostias*

* neither Periscope nor hosts

Spanish Spain

Reference USED On Occasion BY Teens

Reference to a video gone viral in 2016 in which a mom catches her daughter using Periscope, a livestreaming platform, and starts scolding her without turning the camera off so that the whole audience was able to witness the scene. Currently used to mean that someone shouldn't find an excuse for their bad behavior.

Note: "Periscope" can be replaced by another element.

"Ni Periscope ni hostias, quemadísima me tienes."

"Neither Periscope nor hosts, you have me furious."

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bufar i fer ampolles*

* to blow and make bottles

Catalan Catalonia, Spain

Idiom USED On Rare Occasion BY Older Generations

It is used to reffer to something as being particularly easy to do. Similar to how the expresion "a piece of cake" is used.

"Aquest examen ha sigut com bufar i fer ampolles, aprovo segur!"

"This exam was like blowing and making bottles, I will pass for sure!"

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Spanish Spain

Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(n.) An informal way to say "cerveza" (beer).

"Vamos a tomarnos unas birras."

"Let's go to have some beer."

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el chiguito corito se escolingaba por el arambol*

* the naked kid was falling in the stairs

Spanish Palencia, Spain

Idiom USED On Rare Occasion BY Older Generations

This idiom is used by a group of people to identify the people from the province of Palencia because the vocabulary is specifically from that region.

"El chiguito corito se escolingaba por el arambol."

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Spanish Palencia, Spain

Slang USED On Occasion BY Older Generations

(n.) It's usually used by older generations refering to children, but can be used by anyone refering to people younger than them.

"El chiguito lleva fuera mucho tiempo."

"The kid has been outside for too long."

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beure's l'enteniment*

* to drink up one's judgement

Catalan Catalonia, Spain

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

To act illogically, in an unexpected or incomprehensible way. To be out of one's mind.

"No tens diners i et vols comprar un cotxe de 30.000€; t'has begut l'enteniment?"

"You don't have money and you want to buy a 30.000€ car, have you drunk up your judgement?"

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por si las moscas*

* for if the flies

Spanish Spain

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

It means that you're doing something not because it's necessary, but "just in case".

Note: The origin of the expression goes back to when there were no refrigerators to store food, so that meat needed to be covered or else it would've spoiled and flies would've come.

"Me he comprado un boli más, por si las moscas."

"I bought an extra pen, for if the flies."

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tener vela en este entierro*

* to have a candle at this funeral

Spanish Spain

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

To have a say in a situation.

"¿Alguien te ha preguntado? ¿Quién te ha dado vela en este entierro?"

"Somebody asked you? Who gave you a candle at this funeral?"

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