Azerbaijani Azerbaijan

tüpürdüyünü yalamaq

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(lick your own spit) • To take back something you have said or admit something is not true. Eat your words.

"Yadındadı, o gün deyirdi otelimizə gələn olmayacaq bugün. Bax gör indi nə qədər adam gəlib. Yaladı da tüpürdüyünü!"

"Remember how he was saying that no one will stay at our hotel today? Look how many people arrived! Now he will lick his own spit."

French French speaking countries

Je m’en bats les couilles.

Expression USED Very frequently BY Young People

(I beat my balls about it.) • Used to say that you don't care at all about something. You don't give a damn.

"Je m’en bats les couilles de ces restrictions corona, je vais faire la fête dans tous les cas !"

"I beat my balls about the corona restrictions , I will party anyways!"



French Québec


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

Not at all, none. Also used to insist on that idea.

"Ça ne me dérange pas pantoute !" "Je ne vois rien pantoute."

"It doesn't bother me at all" "I can't see anything."

Spanish Various countries


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

Word from the Quechua language meaning 'increase' and people usually say that when they receive some extra for free when they purchase at markets or local stores.

"Bien, aquí tiene, un kilo de manzanas y va con yapa."

"OK, there you have it, one kilo of apples and something extra"



Slovak Slovakia

mám toho plné zuby

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(my teeth are full of it) • "mám toho plné zuby" means "I'm sick of it"

"Správaš sa ku mne ako k dieťaťu" "Mám toho plné zuby!"

"You treat me like a child." "My teeth are full of it!"

English Trinidad and Tobago


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

To lime means to hang out.

"We were liming at the mall yesterday."


Spanish Mexico

perro oso

Expression USED Very frequently BY Young People

(dog bear) • Expresses a huge embarrassement. "Dog" is used as quantity, and "bear" as an embarrassing situation or event. Can also be used to express second-hand embarrassment.

"Estaba criticando a mis suegros a sus espaldas y me escucharon. ¡Perro oso!"

"I was bad-mouthing my in-laws behind their backs and they heard me. What a dog bear! "

Spanish Spain


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(on the table) • Time spent sitting at the table after lunch chatting or watching TV (usually drinking coffee).

"Entresemana no tengo tiempo, como y voy a trabajar. Por eso, los domingos disfruto de las sobremesas con la familia."

"I have no time on week days I eat, and I go to work. For this reason, on Sundays I enjoy on the table with the family."


Scots Scotland


Word USED Very frequently BY Most People

(n.) • A ball sack, someone who's a pure idiot.

"Shut yer weesht ya wee bawbag!"

"Shut up you small ball sack"


Spanish Chile


Slang USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) • In Chile, it is used as a very informal alternative for the word dude or friend (amigo) and, depending on the tone, it can also mean 'stupid' among several other meanings.

"Hola weon, cómo estai?"

"Hi dude, how's it going?"

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Polish Poland

bułka z masłem

Expression USED Very frequently BY Most People

(bread roll with butter ) • Used to describe something that can be or should be done effortlessly and with ease .

"Twoim zadaniem jest zrobienie plakatu". "Bułka z masłem".

"Your task is to make a poster". "Bread roll with butter".

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Trinidadian Creole English Trinidad and Tobago

dis rel lash

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everybody

This expression is used in an exclamatory way, as a form of praise for delicious food.

"Dis food rel lash boy!"

"Man, this food is so, so good!"

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Italian Italy


Slang USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(fennel) • The word literally means "fennel" but, if directed to men, it's an homophobic insult like "faggot".

"Luca è molto attraente, peccato che sia un finocchio."

"Luca is really good looking, too bad he's a fennel."

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Spanish Colombia

Coma mierda

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(Go eat shit) • Something you say when someone makes you very angry.

"Estoy muy enojado por lo que hizo. ¡Coma merda!"

"I'm very angry about what you did. Go eat shit!"

Italian Italy


Slang USED Very frequently BY People Over 20

(n.) • The first meaning is a type of cheese typically produced in Southern Italy. It's also a term used to address a guy keen on flirting with any woman around him.

"Marco è un provolone, ci prova con tutte."

"Marco is a provolone, he flirts with every single woman."

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Catalan | Mallorquí Mallorca, Spain

mos deim coses

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(we tell each other things) • It should mean "we'll be in touch", but when a Mallorcan person says it you may never see them again. It is quite common that they will never call you or you will never know anything about them since then.

“Vols anar a prendre un cafè la setmana que ve?”. “Sí, mos deim coses”.

“Do you want to grab a coffee next week?” “Yes, we tell each other things.”

Catalan | Mallorquí Mallorca, Spain

mesclar ous amb caragols

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(mix eggs and snails ) • It doesn’t refer to a recipe - we use it during a conversation when many differents subjects are being mixed together and have no correlation to each other.

“Què dius ara? No mesclis ous amb caragols!”

“What are you talking about? Don’t mix eggs and snails!”

Spanish Mexico

mal del puerco

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) • (pig's disease) • It's the feeling of getting sleepy after a big meal.

"Comimos un chingo." "Sí, ya me dió el mal del puerco."

"We ate a lot." "Yes, it gave me the pig's disease."

Portuguese Brazil

do nada

Expression USED Very frequently BY Young People

(from the nothing) • "Do nada", in a free translation is equivalent to "out of the blue", is something very unexpected.

"Ela terminou comigo do nada."

"She broke up with me from the nothing"

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French French speaking countries


Slang USED Very frequently BY Mainly young people

(v.) • To be scared.

"J'ai un entretien d'embauche demain, je flippe tellement !"

"I have a job interview tomorrow, I'm so scared !"

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