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nu e floare la ureche

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(it is not flower at the ear) • It can be used when describing something that is not easy.

"Trebuie să înveți pentru test, nu e floare la ureche."

"You have to study for the thest, it's not flower at the ear."

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Abbreviation USED In the past BY Almost Everyone

(thanks) • Internet slang abbreviation for "spasibo", meaning "thanks".

"Îmi place foarte mult rochia ta!" "Spasibo!"

"I really like your dress!" "Thanks!"


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Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(thanks) • Internet slang abbreviation for "mersi", meaning "thanks".

"Ieri am primit scrisoarea ta. Ms mult!"

"I received your letter yesterday. Thanks a lot!"

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Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Everyone

(how are you?) • Internet slang abbreviation for "ce mai faci?", meaning "how are you?"

"Te-am văzut ieri în parc, dar erai ocupată. Ce mai faci? Este totul în regulă?"

"I saw you in the park yesterday, but you were busy. How are you? Is everything alright?"