Milanese dialect Milan, Italy

Fa' ballà l'oeucc

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(Let the eye dance) • It's a way to push someone to "move his eyes", to be very careful about something.

"Quella strada è molto trafficata, fa' ballà l'oeucc quando attraversi!"

"There's a lot of traffic on that road, let the eye dance when you cross it!"

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Milanese dialect Milan, Italy

Va' a Bagg a sonà l'orghen

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(Go to Baggio to play the organ) • Baggio was a small town close to Milan. The legend says that the parish was so poor that they couldn't even afford an organ for the church, and so had one painted on the wall. So, inviting someone to go to Baggio to play the organ, is like asking to go waste their time somewhere else.

"Non so cosa fare!" "Va' a Bagg a sonà l'orghen!"

"I don't know what to do!" "Go to Baggio to play the organ!"


Italian Milan, Italy


Slang USED Frequently BY Young People

(v.) • (to stain) • To sweat.

"Fa così caldo che sto pezzando!"

"It’s so hot that I'm staining!"

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