Dutch Netherlands

helaas pindakaas

Expression USED On Occasion BY Children

(too bad peanut butter) • A sarcastic, childish and rhyming way of saying you feel sorry for someone if something not all that bad happened to them. Like "that's too bad".

"Ben je je potlood kwijt? Helaas pindakaas."

"You lost your pencil? Too bad peanut butter."

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French France


Slang USED Frequently BY Parents, children

(n.) • A cute name used by children or their parents to refer to a slight physical injury (scratch, cut, etc.).

"Je me suis fait un bobo au genou."

"I got a bobo on my knee."

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Romanian Romania

aragaz cu patru ochi

Slang USED Very frequently BY Children, Teens

(stove with four eyes) • It is a mild insult to people who wear glasses, frequently used among classmates.

"Alex a început să poarte ochelari. E un aragaz cu patru ochi."

"Alex started to wear glasses. He is a stove with four eyes."

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Italian Italy


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Children and teenagers

(I love you) • Short for "ti voglio bene", the non-romantic "love you".

"Martina, sei la mia migliore amica. TVB!"

"Martina, you're my best friend. TVB!"

Slovak Slovakia

lebo medveď

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Children

(because bear) • It's not your business.

"Prečo si mi nedal aspoň jeden kúsok čokolády?" "Lebo medveď."

"Why didn't you give me at least one piece of chocolate?" "Because bear."

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Dutch Netherlands


Word USED On Occasion BY children

(n.) • A snitch. Someone who tells on children to an adult. Someone accused of "clicking" is often met with mockery in the form of a rhyme to discourage the behaviour from happening again.

"Jij bent echt een klikspaan." "Ja, klikspaan boterspaan je mag niet door mijn straatje gaan. Hondje zal je bijten, poesje zal je krabbelen, dat komt van al je babbelen."

"You are a real klikspaan." "Yes, klikspaan, butterspoon you can't go down my alley. Little dog will bite you, little cat will scratch you, that comes from all your chatting."

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Italian Italy


Word USED On Occasion BY Children

(n.) • (foureyes) • A slightly offensive way of calling people who wear glasses.

"Alice è una quattrocchi!"

"Alice is a foureyes!"

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