Italian Italy

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(n.) The first meaning is a type of cheese typically produced in Southern Italy. It's also a term used to address a guy keen on flirting with any woman around him.

Note: The pun consists of "Provolone" sharing its first letters with the verb "provare", which means 'to try' but also 'to hit on someone' .

"Marco è un provolone, ci prova con tutte."

"Marco is a provolone, he flirts with every single woman."

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* a foilman

Polish Poland

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(n.) A conspiracy theorist who believes that 5G is designed to possess our minds, that chips are injected into our bodies by the means of vaccines, who won’t wear a mask because “pandemic is a hoax” etc. The term stems from the people who decided to wear caps made of aluminum foil, believing they resist electromagnetic radiation that possesses human minds (5G)

Note: It applies to people who believe in conspiracy theories in general.

"Nie zaszczepi się na Covid ani nie nosi maseczki, on uważa, że ten wirus to ściema." "Nie wiedziałem, że jest foliarzem."

"He won't vaccinate against Covid and he doesn't wear a face mask, he thinks this virus is a hoax." "I didn't know he is a foilman."


no cu do mundo*

* in the butthole of the world

Portuguese Brazil

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A place very hard to go, because it's very far, or because of its difficult access

"Eu passei as férias na casa dos meus parentes no cu do mundo."

"I spent my vacation at my relative's house in the butthole of the world."

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