Spanish | Chilean Spanish Chile


Word USED On Rare Occasion BY Friends and Family

(n.) • An informal feast in which loads of spaghetti (tallarines) are cooked and those invited bring their own sauces to share.

"¿Te invitaron a la tallarinata? Podrías traer tu famosa salsa de nueces."

"Were you invited to the tallarinata? You could bring your famous walnut sauce"



Portuguese Brazil

voa, muleque

Expression USED On Occasion BY Usually fathers to son or male friends to male friends

(fly, brat) • Used to wish success or good luck.

"Vou estudar muito para o vestibular." "Voa, muleque!"

"I'll study hard for college exams." "Fly, brat"

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Dutch | Drenths & Gronings Noord-Nederland, Netherlands


Word USED Frequently BY friends & acquaintances

(interj.) • It's a local variety of 'hi', can also be used as a parting-greeting. I believe it to stem from either 'goedemorgen' (good morning) or 'mooi(e dag)' or something similar (which means beautiful (day)) but this is guesswork on my part.

“Moi, hoe is 't?” Ok, moi hè!

“Hi, how is it?” “Ok, bye”

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