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Défonce tout !

Expression USED Very frequently BY Young adults and adults

(Destroy everything!) • Used to wish good luck to someone, for instance for a job interview or an important exam.

"Vas-y, tu vas tout défoncer à ton contrôle !"

"Go ahead, you'll destroy everything for your test!"

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French France


Acronym USED Frequently BY Teens, young adults

Short for "fils de pute", literally "son of a bitch". It is most often used as an insult, but sometimes, young adults can use it at the end of a sentence, when they are annoyed and want to exaggerate. It's mainly used when texting, but you can also hear it spoken. Caution: "fdp" is also a short for "frais de port" (shipping costs).

"Rends-moi mon argent fdp."

"Give me back my money you son of a bitch."

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Arabic Algeria


Word USED On Occasion BY young adults

(n.) • (idea) • Used when expressing approval and/or interest in a suggestion or opinion. Can be formal or informal depending on the situation. E.g. could be considered informal when addressing elders but not in a meeting - be it official or non-official.

"في رايي كون نزيدو سعر المنتج وحدو و نبيعوه في باكيات تع 3 و نديرو سولد تجي مليحة" "!ايه فكرة"

"In my opinion, if we raise the price of the product on its own and then sell it in packs of 3 on sale, it would be good." "Oh yeah that's an idea!"



French Area around Lyon, France


Name USED Very frequently BY young adults

(a big person) • Slang term for "mate", "dude" or "bro".

"Gros t'as pas vu mes clefs?"

"Mate did you find my keys?"

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