a little birdie told me

English English speaking countries

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Some people

This idiom is used playfully not to reveal the source of information about something. Usually, however, the source of the information is obvious. Sometimes rendered as 'A little bird told me'

"How did you know it was my birthday?" "Let's just say a little birdie told me!"

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les doigts dans le nez*

* fingers in the nose

French French speaking countries

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Anyone

Used to describe something that is done very easily, without any difficulty. While the literal translation is not actually used by native English speakers, French speaking people sometimes use it in a humorous way in English.

“Elle a réussi son examen du permis de conduire les doigts dans le nez!”

“She passed her driving test fingers in the nose!”

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alsof er een engeltje over je tong piest*

* like an angel is peeing on your tongue

Dutch Netherlands

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Dutchies

Used to describe how delicious your food is.

"De stroopwafel smaakt alsof er een engeltje over je tong piest"

"The Stroopwafel tastes as if an angel is peeing on your tongue."

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a cock and bull story

English London, United Kingdom

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Londoners

It means a long-winded story that is nonsense. The literal translation of the expression is from cock or rooster to donkey/ass.

"Some men’s whole delight is to talk of a Cock and Bull over a pot." (the earliest example in print: The Anatomy of Melancholy by Robert Burton,1621)


il pleut des cordes*

* it's raining ropes

French France

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

Used to describe heavy rainfall.

"Oh non, il pleut des cordes et je dois rentrer à pied !"

"Oh no, it's raining ropes and I have to go back home on foot!"

echar los muertos*

* to throw the dead bodies

Spanish Costa Rica

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

It means blaming someone innocent for something you did.

"¡Yo no fui! ¡No me eche los muertos!"

"It wasn't me! Don't throw the dead bodies at me!"

dar calabazas*

* to give pumpkins

Spanish Spain

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Teens

It means to turn someone down and reject them, for example when they're flirting with you.

"Le pedí a María de salir conmigo a la fiesta pero me dio calabazas."

"I asked Maria to go to the party with me but she gave me pumpkins."

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auch ein blindes Huhn findet mal ein Korn*

* a blind chicken will also find a seed

German Germany

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

Used when even though you're not very competent or good at something, you succeed. It's usually used pejoratively or dismissively or to belittle someone.

"Hey, ich habe es geschafft!" "Auch ein blindes Huhn findet mal ein Korn."

"Hey, I made it!" "Even a blind chicken can find a seed sometimes."

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dumm wie Bohnenstroh*

* dumb as a bean haulm

German Germany

Idiom USED On Rare Occasion BY Some People

(interj.) Describes a stupid person.

"Er ist wirklich dumm wie Bohnenstroh!"

"He’s dumb as a dumb as bean haulm!"

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vrag odnija prišu*

* the devil took the hurry

Croatian | Chakavian Dalmatia, Croatia

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

An idiom used when wanting to say "what's the hurry?"

"Ići ćemo ali ne još. Vrag odnija prišu!"

"We are going to leave, but just not yet. The devil took the hurry!"


sa brura*

* said the bride

Norwegian Norway

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Most People

The Norwegian equivalent of "that's what she said".

"Jøss, den var større enn jeg trodde." "Sa brura!"

"Wow, it's bigger than I thought." "Said the bride!"


być nie w sosie*

* to be not in the sauce

Polish Poland

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

(v.) To be in a bad mood.

"Czemu jesteś nie w sosie? Coś się stało?"

"Why are you not in the sauce? Something happened?"

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není to moje parketa*

* it's not my parquet floor

Czech Czechia

Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

Used when something isn't really your thing or you don't like it or aren't able to do it.

''Nechceš si zatancovat?'' ''Ne, díky. Tanec není zrovna moje parketa.''

''Do you want to dance?'' ''No, thanks. Dancing is not really my parquet floor.''

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Cu nasci tunnu, nun pò moriri quatratu *

* The one who was born in the shape of a square, cannot die shaped like a circle

Sicilian Italy

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It’s used when someone promises you that they will change their attitude, but then never changes and keeps making the same mistakes.

When you promised your mum you were always going to clean up your room, but you don’t she says “cu nasci tunnu nun po moriri quatratu”

odkryć Amerykę*

* to discover America

Polish Poland

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

(v.) To say something obvious while being convinced that you were the first person to discover it.

"Dzisiaj mamy egzamin z historii!" "Odkryłeś Amerykę"

"We have a history exam today!" "You discovered America..."

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