* babysip

West Frisian Friesland, Netherlands

Word USED On Occasion BY Everyone

It's when you go to visit a newborn.

"Wy gjinne op poppeslok by Amarens en Bouwe."

"We are going to visit Amarens and Bouwe to see their newborn."

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English United States

Slang USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(n.) (1) No-heel-strap sandal. It is an onomatopoeia of the sound made by the sandals when walking in them. Also known as a 'thong' in Austrailian English. (2) To be indecisive when making a decision; To come to a different conclusion (repeatedly); This is often seen as a negative trait in politics.

(1) "I'm going to the beach." "Don't forget to pack your flip-flops." (2) "First you were pro-gun control. Now you're against it. How can we trust you in office if you keep wanting to flip-flop on the issues?"

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to drink the Kool-Aid

English United States

Reference USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

When someone has been persuaded to join a cause due to peer pressure. Meaning a persuasive personality has gotten you to believe in their cause. Usually has a negative connotation. This is a reference to the Jonestown mass suicide of 1978 when a cult leader mixed cyanide in Kool-Aid and had his followers drink it.

“Did you see Sue today?” “Yeah, she really drank the Kool-aid didn’t she?”

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English United States

Word USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) A sparkling drink.

"What pop would you like, ma'am?" "A root beer, please."

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the pot calling the kettle black

English England, United Kingdom

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

Criticizing something that you yourself are guilty of.

"He said my dog was ugly but his own is so inbred it can hardly breathe!" "Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!"


Spanish Chile

Slang USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It is used to say something is cool.

"Oh, que bacán."

"Oh, how cool."

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el día del arquero*

* the goalkeeper's day

Spanish Argentina

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

Used when something is unlikely to happen.

"Los políticos van a ser honestos el día del arquero."

"Politicians will be honest on the goalkeeper's day."

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Los de afuera son de palo*

* The ones outside are wooden

Spanish Uruguay

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

The expression roughly means that "the ones outside" are not important, you should not care about people that are not involved. It can be used when someone that is not involved in a situation/task gives an opinion that no one asked for, or to encourage someone not to care about negative opinions.

Note: Also used in other South American countries.

"Extraño a mi ex, pero mis amigas me dicen que no debería llamarlo." "Los de afuera son de palo, llamalo."

"I miss my ex but my friends tell me I should not call him." "The ones outside are wooden, call him."


Spanish Costa Rica

Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

Mae is used as a greeting, to refer to someone, or as an interjection.

''Mae, vieras lo que me pasó ayer...''

''Mae, you couldn't believe what happened to me yesterday...''




Spanish Chile

Slang USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

This word can be used in almost any grammatical form. It works as a noun, like in the phrase "mira esa wea" (look at that thing). It also works as a verb in kind of a compound form, such as "¿me estas webiando?" (are you kidding me?). It can be an adjective, for example "don weas" (this has no translation, but it can be insulting).

"Pásame esa wea y no te webeo más."

"Give that thing and I'll stop bothering you."

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Spanish Mexico

Slang USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) Pesos, the Mexican currency.

"Una noche en este hotel cuesta un buen baro."

"A night in this hotel costs a lot of money."


goed bezig*

* good busy

Dutch Netherlands

Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY Everyone

A way of saying "well done" or "good job" or "you are doing well". Alternatively, you'll hear "lekker bezig" with the same meaning, but more often used ironically.

"Ik ben al bijna 10 kilo afgevallen sinds het begin van het jaar." "Goed bezig!"

"I've nearly lost 10 kilo's since the beginning of the year." "Good busy!"

hits the spot

English NY, United States

Idiom USED Very frequently BY everyone

when something is very satisfying and it's exactly what you needed in that moment. It mostly refers to food especially if you have a craving.

“That ice cream really hit the spot! I've been wanting some all week!”

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takes forever

English United States

Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY everyone

When something is taking a very long time and you want to exaggerate that its been a very long time.

“Why is it taking forever for our food to come out?”

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* Are you alright?

English United Kingdom

Standard Phrase USED Very frequently BY Everyone

A common and informal way to greet someone.

"Oright mate, how's it going?" "Yeah, not too bad, thanks."

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