Sorry, we have no digital proof available for this entry.

One of the features of Untranslatable is that we ask people to add a link to each entry. This makes the moderation process easier, because it helps us verify if something is used in real life, even when it is beyond the scope of our own linguistic knowlegde. It also helps us share with users how something is used in real life.

Some entries come to us with missing or broken links, in which case we have to make our own judgement about whether or not the entry is legit. However, we also understand not all languages have the same presence on the internet, which makes it harder to find proof of the use of certain words or expressions, even when they are in fact used in real life.

In order to not discriminate against languages with a smaller presence on the internet, we try to make our own judgement based on the entry and if feel like the entry is legit, we still allow these to be published, with the note that we can not digitally verify the existence of this entry.

I think I could provide a link

Amazing! If something happens to be posted in a language you know, and you can find an example as proof, please feel free to send it to us via email.

But I saw something that was inaccurate

If you see something that is inaccurate, please feel free to report the entry.