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Word USED Frequently BY Everyone

An all-encompassing word used when someone did something wrong. "Don't worry about it, you've been forgiven, I'm not mad and it's such a small detail that we don't need to talk about it again"

"Undskyld mor, jeg ødelagde vasen ved et uheld." "Pyt!"

"Sorry mum, I accidentally broke the vase." "Pyt!"

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En Brian *

* A Brian

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Name USED Frequently BY Everyone

(n.) A term for a boy or man who drives tuned cars, they're often bald and with a lot of tattoos, a bulldog, from a lower socio-economic group, probably unemployed or employed in the "handyman" field. Drinking beer.

''Jeg hørte den tunede bil køre forbi, føreren er vist en rigtig Brian.''

''I heard the tuned car pass by, the driver is probably a real Brian.''

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Word USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(interj.) A happy, funny, positive way to say "hello".

"Halløjsa, hvordan har du det i dag?"

"Hey ya there, how are you today?"


træde i spinaten*

* stepping into the spinach

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Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY Everyone

When someone does something especially stupid which has a bad consequence. Like consistently getting to work late and then getting fired or forgetting to report your taxes on time and then getting a fine.

"Jeg har ikke fået klaret min skatterapport i tide, så jeg har fået en bøde" "Der trådte du virkelig i spinaten"

"I haven't gotten my tax report done in time, so I have gotten a fine" "You really stepped in the spinach there"



* tooth butter

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Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Most People

Butter spread so thick that you leave teeth marks in it when you take a bite.

"Jeg elsker hjemmelavet brød med tandsmør."

"I love homemade bread with a thick layer of butter."

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