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About confirmation

Knowing whether something you see on the internet is true or not can be a tricky thing, and even though submissions shown on Untranslatable have been accepted by one of our moderators, it can still be difficult to get an idea of how widely known a certain submissions is amongst native speakers.

This is why we have added a confirmation system that allows users to share whether or not they have heard a submission.

Only positive confirmations are mentioned in the submission, because "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

People are encouraged to judge submissions from their native language, but you are also allowed to judge submissions from other languages you may know.

If you believe the information mentioned in the submission to be untrue, you can report that submission. Please do note that being a native speaker does not give you absolute knowledge over your native language, and that the use and interpretation of a submission can vary widely based on many social factors, and not having heard of something or having a slightly different idea of what something means or how it is used does not mean the submission is completely incorrect.

Questions & Answers

How can I confirm posts?

In order to confirm posts, all you have to do is create an account. Once you are logged in, you will see a tab called "confirm posts" that will lead you straight to the page that allows you to cast your vote. From there you'll be able to filter by language, country and specific region to find the submissions that match the criteria of those you might have potential knowledge of.

What happens if I vote "I can not confirm"?

Your vote will be registrated, but it won't be shown.

When will confirmations be shown?

Confirmations will be shown if a post has more than 2 confirmations.

What if I see something wrong?

If you have a different interpretation of the submission, feel free to submit one yourself that you think better describes the submission at hand.

If you see something that is plain wrong, you can report the submission for review.

Can you confirm your own posts?

Yes, you can confirm your own posts. However, only more than 2 confirmations are shown in submissions, so you will still need other people to confirm your submission in order for the amount of confirmations to be shown.