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NaTakallam –“We Speak"​ in Arabic–is an award winning social enterprise that offers language tutoring and intercultural exchange as well as translation services, delivered by displaced persons and refugees in Arabic, Persian, Spanish, and French.

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68 Corazones

68 voices 68 hearts is an animated series of Mexican indigenous stories, narrated in their native language. Created under the premise, "No one can love what they don't know,” it hopes to reveal the wealth of the 68 hearts that enrich our country. Each language encompasses a unique vision of life, of the world. When one disappears, the worldview and cosmogony of a community is lost, an important part of humanity is lost. For this reason, 68 voices seeks to encourage the pride of being a member of an indigenous community, full of cultural wealth and traditions, as well as to promote respect for all these communities and cultures among the general population, and to contribute a grain of sand to reduce discrimination. We hope that this can be a project that serves everyone in their own communities, as well as institutions, and that it can be a tool to conserve the wealth that all these universes represent.