The first multilingual urban dictionary

Untranslatable is an online dictionary that allows people to add words and expressions from all over the world.

What makes this project unique?

Untranslatable is an indie project that delves into the hidden aspects of languages by explaining words, idioms, and expressions contributed by native speakers. It goes beyond traditional translation, offering insights into usage, context, and cultural significance.

What we focus on


Because what something means can be conveyed by how, where, how frequently and by who something is used.


All entries are approved by one of our moderators, and people can vote on whether they have heard something or not.


Untranslatable allows entries in any language, from any dialect, including endangered languages and sign language.

Behind the project

My name is Amarens, and I started this project in 2019 after I graduated from my Bachelors in Portuguese and Spanish Linguistics. I have since received an MA in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics and a MSc in Computational Linguistics.

I originally raised money for the project through a Kickstarter campaign, and learned to program from scratch in order to create this website.