vá plantar batatas*

* go plant potatoes

Portuguese Brazil

Idiom USED In the past BY Older Generations

This is an expression that more or less means “leave me alone!” Or “go away!”

“Quer ficar comigo, gata?” “Não quero não! Vá plantar batatas!”

“Wanna hook up with me, sexy?” “No, I don’t want to! Go plant potatoes!”


* broccoli

Italian Italy

Word USED On Rare Occasion BY Everyone

"Broccolo" is what you would call someone who is good for nothing and doesn't have any skills. Also someone who is stupid and dumb.

"Non ho parole... Sei un broccolo!"

"I'm speechless... You are a broccoli!"


Dutch Netherlands

Name USED On Occasion BY Students

A standard Dutch meal of potatoes (aardappelen), meat (vlees) and vegetables (groenten).

"Wil je wat van mijn pasta?" "Nee gast, ik ga vanavond een AVG'tje doen."

"Do you want some of my pasta?" "No dude, I am going to do a little AVG tonight."

restaurant de Gouden Bogen*

* restaurant the Golden Bows

Dutch Netherlands

Name USED On Occasion BY students

(n.) McDonalds.

"Gaan we na het afpilsen nog naar restaurant de Gouden Bogen?"

"After the last beer, are we going to the restaurant the Golden Bows?"


* cheeselet

Maltese Malta

Slang USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(n.) Used to refer to someone inergetic, lethargic, a sloth.

"Ejja, ċaqlaq, qisek ġbejna!"

"Come on, move, you're like a cheeselet!"

Calla, sancochoeverga*

* Shut up, you dicksoup

Spanish Ecuador

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

Used to refer to someone who is talking nonsense. It can be used in many ways - jokingly, seriously, surprisedly, etc. "Calla" = shut up; "sancocho" = a soup made with fish and peanut; "(d)e" = of; "verga" = dick.

"Calla, sancochoeverga, tu parte de la presentación está mal, hazla otra vez."

"Shut up, you dicksoup, your part of the presentation is wrong, do it again."


* quince

Spanish Spain

Slang USED On Occasion BY Some People

Someone who is a bit stupid and naive.

"No seas membrillo."

"Don't be stupid."

natte tosti*

* wet grilled cheese sandwich

Dutch Netherlands

Slang USED On Occasion BY Students

(n.) Slick frat boy who uses a lot of hair gel.

"Zie je die corpsbal met dat haar? Wat een natte tosti!"

"Do you see that frat boy with that haircut? What a wet grilled cheese sandwich!"


* salted codfish

Italian Italy

Word USED On Rare Occasion BY Some People

It's an insult used to address an incompetent and stupid person.

"È un baccalà, non è buono a niente!"

"He is a salted codfish, a good-for-nothing!"

papa frita*

* French fry

Spanish Uruguay

Expression USED On Occasion BY Kids

It's used as a synonym of "silly", generally among kids.

"Sos un papa frita." "Juancito es tremendo papa frita."

"You're a French fry." "Juancito is such a French fry."


arancino coi piedi*

* footed arancino

Italian | Sicilian Sicily, Italy

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

You can say this to someone very fat or who eats a lot, because an arancino is a very big fried food.

Note: In Catania we use the word "arancinO" and in Palermo they say "arancinA", but the meaning of the expression is the same.

"Hai mangiato tutto ciò che avevo cucinato! Sei proprio un arancino coi piedi!"

"You ate everything I cooked! You are really a footed arancino!"

testa di rapa

Italian Italy

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

It means something like "idiot" or "stupid" and it's used when someone doesn't understand something.

"Hai sbagliato tutto, sei una testa di rapa!"

"You did everything wrong, you turnip head!"

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Italian Italy

Slang USED Very frequently BY People Over 20

(n.) The first meaning is a type of cheese typically produced in Southern Italy. It's also a term used to address a guy keen on flirting with any woman around him.

Note: The pun consists of "Provolone" sharing its first letters with the verb "provare", which means 'to try' but also 'to hit on someone' .

"Marco è un provolone, ci prova con tutte."

"Marco is a provolone, he flirts with every single woman."

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bom como o milho*

* fine as corn

Portuguese Portugal

Expression USED On Occasion BY Teens

Used to describe someone very attractive.

"Viste aquele rapaz a passar na rua? Bom como o milho."

"Did you see that guy crossing the street? Fine as corn."


när man talar om trollen så står de i farstun*

* when one speaks about the trolls they’re standing in the hallway

Swedish Sweden

Expression USED In the past BY Some People

Used when someone that you’ve recently talked about appears or something that you’ve talked about happens. The Swedish version of “speak of the devil and he shall appear”.

“Chefen och jag bråkade igår. Jag vill verkligen inte träffa henne idag.” *chefen kommer* ”När man talar om trollen...”

”The boss and I had a fight yesterday. I really don’t want to meet her today” *the boss arrives* “When one speaks about the trolls...”