zrobić coś na kolanie*

* to do something on a knee

Polish Poland

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

To do something the very last minute, without much care, messily.

"Jak zwykle robisz pracę domową na kolanie!"

"As always, you’re doing your homework on a knee!"


* done looking

Dutch Netherlands

Word USED Frequently BY Everyone

To no longer be interested in something. Doesn't have to be a visual thing.

"Ik ben inmiddels wel een beetje uitgekeken op al die nieuwe smaken koffie bij Starbucks."

"I am kind of done looking at all those new flavours of coffee at Starbucks."


* corona tired

Dutch Netherlands

Word USED On Occasion BY Everyone

Used by people who are tired of the situation surrounding Corona, or tired of having to hear or talk about it all the time.

"Ik ben inmiddels toch wel een beetje coronamoe."

"I am a bit corona tired now."

stare con le mani in mano*

* to stand with hands in hand

Italian Italy

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

It corresponds to the English “to sit on someone’s hands”. It’s used to refer to someone who isn’t doing anything, especially at the moment of speaking.

"Non posso starmene con le mani in mano mentre i cittadini protestano per le strade."

"I can’t stand with my hands in hand while the citizens are protesting in the streets."

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estem arreglats*

* we are well dressed

Catalan | Catalunya Spain

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

Expression used when you are on a trouble.

"Ens hem oblidat el passaport a casa i el vol surt en una hora, estem arreglades"

"We forgot the passport at home and our plane departs in one hour, we are well-dressed."

No shit, Sherlock

English United Kingdom

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

A response to someone who is stating the obvious. It refers to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

"The sky is blue" "No shit, Sherlock!"

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Scots Scotland

Word USED Very frequently BY Most People

(n.) A ball sack, someone who's a pure idiot.

"Shut yer weesht ya wee bawbag!"

"Shut up you small ball sack"


dra någonting gammalt över dig

Swedish Sweden

Expression USED On Occasion BY Most People

Why tell someone to simply go away when you can make them look stupid at the same time? "Drag something old over yourself" you can yell at someone, and rejoice in the thought of how utterly embarrassed they'll feel with an old blanket on their head.

"Gå bort! Dra någonting gamalt över dig!"

"Go away! Drag something old over yourself!"

Bien vu, l'aveugle!*

* Well seen, the blind!

French France

Expression USED On Rare Occasion BY Anyone

This is something you may say to someone who just discovered something obvious. This is obviously a pun, and "bien vu" actually translates to "well spotted", "good catch".

"T'as déjà remarqué que presque tous les salons de coiffures ont un jeu de mot dans leur nom ?" "Bien vu, l'aveugle !"

"Have you ever noticed that almost every hairdressing salon has a pun in its name?" "Well seen, the blind!"

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Spanish Chile

Slang USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) In Chile, it is used as a very informal alternative for the word dude or friend (amigo) and, depending on the tone, it can also mean 'stupid' among several other meanings.

"Hola weon, cómo estai?"

"Hi dude, how's it going?"

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Fa' ballà l'oeucc*

* Let the eye dance

Milanese dialect Milan, Italy

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

It's a way to push someone to "move his eyes", to be very careful about something.

"Quella strada è molto trafficata, fa' ballà l'oeucc quando attraversi!"

"There's a lot of traffic on that road, let the eye dance when you cross it!"


reinventing the wheel

English United States

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everybody

When someone discovers or creates something that already exists. Most often used when someone is wasting significant time or effort to create the thing in question.

"School committees should seek to improve upon existing methods, not reinvent the wheel every time they develop a new curriculum."

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Spanish Panama

Slang USED Frequently BY Young People

(adj.) Very. A lot.

"Cha, tengo buco hambre."

"Damn, I am very hungry."


bułka z masłem *

* bread roll with butter

Polish Poland

Expression USED Very frequently BY Most People

Used to describe something that can be or should be done effortlessly and with ease .

"Twoim zadaniem jest zrobienie plakatu". "Bułka z masłem".

"Your task is to make a poster". "Bread roll with butter".



* little apple - little egg

Dutch Netherlands

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everybody

When something's really easy, it is 'appeltje eitje'!

"Was het examen moeilijk?" "Nee, het was appeltje-eitje! Ik was heel snel klaar."

"Was the exam difficult?" "No, it was little apple - little egg! I was done really quick."