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وش مداير فيها؟

Expression USED Very frequently BY Young People

(what are you doing in it?) • Means "what are you up to?," but is frequently used just to initiate a conversation. Mostly used with those you are familiar with and close to you in age; could be used with a friend or someone you just met, however it is impolite when speaking with an elder. Can be used in different tenses as well.

"وش؟ وش مداير فيها؟" "هاني نخدم من نتفرج من, و نتا وش كاش جديد" "والو من غير الخدمة والو"

"What's up? What are you doing in life?" "I'm working on one hand and watching movies on the other hand. And you, is there anything new?" "Nothing other than work."


Arabic Algeria


Word USED On Occasion BY young adults

(n.) • (idea) • Used when expressing approval and/or interest in a suggestion or opinion. Can be formal or informal depending on the situation. E.g. could be considered informal when addressing elders but not in a meeting - be it official or non-official.

"في رايي كون نزيدو سعر المنتج وحدو و نبيعوه في باكيات تع 3 و نديرو سولد تجي مليحة" "!ايه فكرة"

"In my opinion, if we raise the price of the product on its own and then sell it in packs of 3 on sale, it would be good." "Oh yeah that's an idea!"