huara geil*

* whore sexy

German | Liechtenstein Dialect Liechtenstein

Expression USED On Occasion BY Young People

Very informal way of expressing extreme excitement. Like "fantastic!" "awesome!" or "so cool!".

"Hesch schomol dr Toast im Johnny's probiert?" "Jo, er isch echt huara geil!"

"Have you ever tried the toast at Johnny's?" "Yes, it really is whore sexy!"





German | Liechtenstein Dialect Liechtenstein

Standard Phrase USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(interj.) Frequent greeting, used in almost every situation. Exceptions: when greeting the elderly, we switch to the Swiss German, more formal "Grüezi". When greeting the Prince, we say "Grüss Gott, Durchlaucht".

"Hoi, bisch o am wandera?"

"Hi, so you're hiking too?"