Croatian | Chakavian Dalmatia, Croatia


Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(n.) • The state of utter boredom and sleepiness, when the only thing one can do is to lay down and relax.

"Hvata me fjaka, ne mogu sada to napraviti!"

"I'm getting fjaka, I cannot do it now!"


Croatian Dalmatia, Croatia


Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(adv.) • (in small amounts ) • Expressing the need to not hurry and to relax. People mostly use it in correlation with time.

"Pomalo, nije priša, imamo vrimena."

"Slow down, there is no need to hurry, we have enough time."

Croatian | Chakavian Dalmatia, Croatia

vrag odnija prišu

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(the devil took the hurry) • An idiom used when wanting to say "what's the hurry?"

"Ići ćemo ali ne još. Vrag odnija prišu!"

"We are going to leave, but just not yet. The devil took the hurry!"