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Untranslatable is an independent project, but unfortunately, projects like these take time and money to maintain.

This money either comes from advertisements on the website or paid access to certain features and information.

I don't want the website to be riddled with ads and I don't want to create a paywall to restrict access to information or features, so instead, I'd like to raise funds by crowdfunding through Patreon.

This way, the project can continue and the information can continue to be freely available for everybody. ✨

You are not obligated to pay in order to enjoy Untranslatable, but if you have some spare change and like the project, we'd love to have you in our Patreon community.

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You can help support the project by buying merchandise from our associated webshop.

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For a small monthly donation you can join our Patreon community and receive great rewards.

• language learning materials

• free merchandise

• pitch ideas and help decide what we will do next

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If you don't have any money to spend, you can still support this project by signing up for an audible trial. It is completely free, you will get an audiobook of your choice, and cancel whenever you want.

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