See anything inaccurate?

We do our best at Untranslatable to moderate the submissions that make it onto our website, but that doesn't mean we always get it right.

Please note that even as native speakers, we are often not aware of all the variations, phrases, expressions and idioms that exist. We try to deliver proof of existence with each of our submissions in order to verify its use and allow others to see it being used in the wild.

We do however want to make sure the information we provide is as accurate as possible, so if you do see something you'd like to report, feel free to reach out.

Don't report if

You've never heard of this before

You can let us know whether or not you've heard of a submission in our confirmation panel.

You know of an alternative meaning

Words or phrases can have several definitions. If you know of a different one, feel free to create a new submission.

It is used differently where you live

The use of a word or phrase can change depending on where it is used. Feel free to create your own submission letting us know how you would use it.

Do report if

The information is undeniably inaccurate

If you are sure someone has made up all of the information, please let us know.

There is a typo somewhere in the submission

If you spot a typo, please let us know which word is incorrect and what the correct version would be.

There is something very important that hasn't been mentioned

Not every submission will tell the whole story, but if there is an important piece of information missing feel free to report it.

I have read the above and have something to report