Chittagonian Chittagong, Bangladesh

sodor bodor

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

Disorder, unorganized or shady.

"Tor bed ibe ille sodor bodor oi royi ke?"

"Why is your bed untidy?"

Chittagonian Chittagong, Bangladesh

Gom lar

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

An expression to say I'm feeling good.

"Ar tun ki je gom lar ai tuoare buzait faitten noh."

"I can't make you understand how good I'm feeling."


Bengali Bangladesh

কি অবস্থা ?

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(What's the situation?) • What's up?

"কি অবস্থা? দিনকাল কেমন চলে?"

"What's up? How have you been doing?"