Spanish Ecuador


Slang USED Very frequently BY Most People

(tangerine) • A man who does whatever his girlfriend tells him to do because she has the power.

"David no vino a la fiesta porque su novia se enojaba si él venía." "Jaja, mandarina el man!"

"David didn't come to the party cause his girlfriend would've got angry at him if he had." "Haha, such a tangerine!"

Spanish Ecuador


Slang USED Very frequently BY Most People

(you shrimp) • Way to address a person who is a very bad driver.

"Oye camarón, pon luces!"

"Hey you shrimp, turn your lights on!"

Spanish Ecuador

Chulla Vida!

Expression USED Frequently BY Most People

(cool life!) • It's the equivilent of the English "You Only Live Once You" or YOLO. It's used to convey that you have to enjoy every moment as if it was your last.

"Estás mezclando aguardiente, tequila y ron. Te vas a morir!" "Chulla Vida!"

"You're mixing aguardiente, tequila, and rum. You´re going to die!" "Cool life!"

Spanish Ecuador

Calla, sancochoeverga

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(Shut up, you dicksoup) • Used to refer to someone who is talking nonsense. It can be used in many ways - jokingly, seriously, surprisedly, etc. "Calla" = shut up; "sancocho" = a soup made with fish and peanut; "(d)e" = of; "verga" = dick.

"Calla, sancochoeverga, tu parte de la presentación está mal, hazla otra vez."

"Shut up, you dicksoup, your part of the presentation is wrong, do it again."