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Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(was fed to me/ was eaten by me) • This expression is used when you had no intention of eating all of something, but you end up doing so. This one word encapsulates a myriad of ideas.

"სად არის ნამცხვარი დედამ რომ იყიდა?" "უი, ეგ სულ შემომეჭამა."

"Where is the cake that mom bought?" "Oops, I accidentally ate all of it."

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Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

A special way of saying "I ate this" without taking any blame or responsibility of that action. Food is object and you (who ate it) are subject for this verb. It's like, here is food and suddenly there is not and you have no idea how it happened. It just made you it itself somehow.

"ის შემწვარი ქათამი რა იქნა?" "უი, ბარკალს მოვაჭრი მეთქი და მთლიანად არ შემომეჭამა..."

"Where did that fried chicken go?" "Oh, I was going to eat a leg and suddenly it's all gone..."


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მარილზე გავიდა

Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(went for salt) • When a person dies people say, that she/he went for salt, the expression comes from the time when salt was not available for Georgians so, they had to go to Aghzevani (today's Kağızman, Turkey), which was a risky and life-threatening journey.

"who lives in this house?" "No one, its owner has gone for salt a long time ago."

"ამ სახლში ვინ ცხოვრობს?" "არავინ, მაგისი პატრონი დიდი ხანია მარილზე გავიდა."