Pidgin English Nigeria, Nigeria

how far

Slang USED Very frequently BY Everybody

A common salutation used to inquire about general wellbeing similar to "What's going on?" or "How is it going?". It can also be used to ask about a specific situation.

"My guy how far?"


Igbo Nigeria


Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

This is how we say hello, hi, or greetings.

-''Ndeewo Maazi Uche''. -''Ndeewonụ ụmụnne m''

-"Hello, Mr. Uche." -"Hello to you my brothers and sisters"

Yoruba Nigeria

olórí burúkú

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

Orí refers to the head/leader of the human body as well as a spiritual connection to one's destiny. When someone calls another person olórí ire that means that the person has certain belevolent forces going about with him/her, however when we call someone olórí burúkú, we mean that person is being controlled by malevolent forces thus allowing the person to live a bad life.

"Olórí burúkú ni àwọn gbọ́mọgbọ́mọ."

"Kidnappers have bad heads."