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u laži su kratke noge

Proverb USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(a lie has short legs) • It's used to express the fact that every lie will be revealed in the end. A person with short legs won't go far and so won't any lies.

"On neće moći ovo da krije još dugo. U laži su kratke noge."

"He won't be able to hide this for much longer. A lie has short legs."

Serbian Serbian speaking countries

pijan kao majka

Expression USED Frequently BY Older as well as young people

(drunk as a Mother) • It's often used to describe a very drunk or intoxicated person who can't even stand or walk properly. It was made a long time ago when pregnant women used to drink alcohol to ease their pain when giving birth.

"Došao je sinoć kući pijan kao majka. Nije mogao na nogama da stoji."

"He came home last night drunk as a Mother. He couldn't stand on his own feet."