Assamese Assam, India

আলহী খোৱা

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(to eat guests) • means that you are going somewhere as a guest.

"মই কাইলৈ তোমালোকৰ ঘৰলৈ আলহী খাবলৈ যাম।"

"I am going to your place to eat guests tomorrow. "


Assamese Assam, India


Slang USED Frequently BY Millenials and Gen Z

(n.) • (sugar) • The Assamese word for sugar. Youngsters may refer to a person (generally a male but can also be a female) as "seni" in an informal context, denoting someone who is an absolute flirt. Sometimes, this word is also used in another form, e.g., you can say "he is eating sugar (seni) with that girl", meaning that "he is flirting with that girl."

"ৰঞ্জন এটা মস্ত চেনী দেই।."

"Ronjon is a big sugar."