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Slang USED Frequently BY Everybody

(n.) • "Be" is the male version while "ma" is the female version. Generally, It's not very polite to address people like that, but it's basically like you.

"Kaj si, be?" "Kaj si, ma?"

"Where are you?"

Macedonian North Macedonia

Како мува без глава

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(Like a fly without head) • Being desoriented.

"Премиерот е како мува без глава, новата влада функционира без никаков концепт."

"The prime minister is like a fly without head, the government is working without any concept. "


Macedonian North Macedonia

Го обравме бостанот

Expression USED On Occasion BY Older Generations

(we picked the watermelons) • When you screwed something up, and you know you made someone mad in doing so, and maybe you're awaiting some kind of punishment.

"Го скршив прозорецот. Сега го обрав бостанот."

"I broke the window. Now I have picked the watermelons."