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olórí burúkú

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

Orí refers to the head/leader of the human body as well as a spiritual connection to one's destiny. When someone calls another person olórí ire that means that the person has certain belevolent forces going about with him/her, however when we call someone olórí burúkú, we mean that person is being controlled by malevolent forces thus allowing the person to live a bad life.

"Olórí burúkú ni àwọn gbọ́mọgbọ́mọ."

"Kidnappers have bad heads."

Yoruba Various countries


Word USED On Occasion BY Religious people

(n.) • (head) • It is someone's spiritual intuition and identity. It guides their destiny, their path throughout life and afterlife. To the Yoruba, santería and candomblé religions, each person has an entity that guards their ori (an òrìṣà/orichá/orixá).

"Ọṣun ṣe aabo fun ori rẹ."

"May Oshun protect your head."