Apulian Apulia, Italy

a stare

Expression USED Very frequently BY Young people

When you're in a chill situation, like having a drink with friends for no reason, or doing nothing in general while being relaxed. In dialect the verb "stare" (to stay) is used almost like the verb "essere" (to be), so it's like the action of being located in a place, with no motion.

"Guardalo, sta lì sulla sdraio con il suo spritz... proprio a stare."

"Look at him, just sitting there on the deckchair with his spritz... just staying there."

Italian | Salentino Apulia, Italy


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(noun) • That sleepy feeling that you get after eating a good and abundant meal. The origin of the word comes from a infuse made of poppy, the flower, that gives you this sensation.

"Mamma mia che mangiata!" "Sì, me sta cala la papagna!"

"What a meal!" "Yeah, I can feel the papagna!"