German Germany

Holland in Not

Expression USED On Occasion BY mostly everyone

(Holland in distress ) • Used when a problem occurs or a situation seems to go bad.

Wenn sie das nochmal machen, dann ist aber Holland in Not!

If they’re doing this again, Holland’s gonna be in distress!

French French speaking countries

péter plus haut que son cul

Slang USED Frequently BY Mostly everyone

(to fart higher than your ass) • Used to refer to someone getting above themself, acting like they’re smarter than they are.

"Je suis contente qu’il ait reçu sa promotion, mais ce n’est pas une raison pour péter plus haut que son cul pendant les réunions."

"I’m happy that he got his promotion, but it’s not a reason for him to fart higher than his ass during meetings."