Egyptian Arabic Egypt

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(interj.) It is said when something happens (whether happend personally to you or anything in general) and you genuinely don’t care about it.

Note: It's a commonly traded story -that isn't known if true- that the word comes from the Turkish word for salt- tuz. The word is said to be adapted from Turkish to indicate unimportance or nonchalance about something from the time Egypt was part of the ottoman empire. It was then that all goods were taxed except for salt/tuz, so traders would say they had only salt/ tuz as to not have their goods taxed. It evolved to be a word used to mock the officers responsible for checking the goods as they would let anyone pass if they say they had tuz (salt)

"صاحبتي القديمة اتجوزت إمبارح" "يا عم طز!"

- “Oh my ex-girlfriend got married yesterday" -"Dude! Toz!”