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Expression USED On Occasion BY Everybody

(little apple - little egg) • When something's really easy, it is 'appeltje eitje'!

"Was het examen moeilijk?" "Nee, het was appeltje-eitje! Ik was heel snel klaar."

"Was the exam difficult?" "No, it was little apple - little egg! I was done really quick."

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Trinidadian Creole English Trinidad and Tobago

dis rel lash

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everybody

This expression is used in an exclamatory way, as a form of praise for delicious food.

"Dis food rel lash boy!"

"Man, this food is so, so good!"

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Romanian Romania

Ești varză

Slang USED Frequently BY Everybody

(You're cabbage) • It's generally used to tell someone they suck when they dissapoint you.

"Nu știi să faci tema la mate? Ești varză!"

"You don't know how to do the maths homework? You're cabbage!"

Dutch Netherlands

stroop je mouwen maar op

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everybody

( you better roll op your sleeves) • This is said before a difficult or hard task as a way of saying "get ready" or "be prepared".

"Stroop je mouwen maar op voordat je daar aan begint"

"You better roll up your sleeves before you start that."


French France


Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everybody

(knitting) • The action a cat does when it pulls its paws one after the other when it's happy and calm. Known in English as making biscuits

"Regarde le chat, il est trop mignon il tricote."

"Look at the cat, it's so cute it's making biscuits."