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Slang USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(adj.) • (solid) • Used to describe something cool.

"Que macizo ese carro."

"How cool is that car."


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Slang USED Very frequently BY Most People

(n.) • Used to refer to beers.

"¿Tomaste mucho?" "Solo dos birrias."

"Did you drink a lot?" "Just two beers."


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Slang USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

"Maje" is used to refer to your friends or anyone in a casual way. It can also be used as an insult depending on the context.

"Maje, ¿dónde estás?" "No seás maje"

"Dude, where are you?" "Don't be fool"

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Emoji USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

It's used to "point" where something is without using your hands.

"¿Me podés traer mi libro? Está ahí. 😗"

"Could you bring me my book? It's right there. 😗"

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¡qué otro rollo!

Expression USED Frequently BY Young People

(that's another roll! ) • Used to express something or someone is cool.

"Hoy tuve examen y saqué 100" "¡Qué otro rollo!"

"I had a test today and got an A". "That's another roll!"

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Sound USED On Occasion BY Older Generations

Used when you see someone, answer a phone call or visit someone's home.

"Oy, cómo estás?"

"Hi, how are you?"

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Word USED Frequently BY Most People

(n.) • Used to refer to sympathizers of the country's conservative national party and narco-dictator.

"No le importan los derechos del pueblo, fijo es cachureco."

"He doesn't care about people's rights, he must be cachureco."

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Word USED On Occasion BY Most People

(n.) • It's used to refer to cops. The term was originated in the 80s.

"Cuídate de los chepos."

"Beware of the cops."

Spanish Honduras

Nos vamos de pijín

Expression USED Frequently BY Most People

Used when you're going out/clubbing.

"Invitá a tu hermano, nos vamos de pijín."

"Invite your brother, we're going clubbing."

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Slang USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) • (child) • Used to refer to a boy or girl.

"El cipote anda corriendo por el campo."

"The boy is running around the field."

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Slang USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) • This is used in certain regions to refer to a child.

"Ese güirro es buen alumno"

"That boy is a good student"

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como Pedro por su casa

Expression USED On Rare Occasion BY Mainly older adults

(like Peter for his house) • Used when someone is acting all casual as you would at your house, even though it might be inappropriate to act that way.

"Hay mucha gente en las calles como Pedro por su casa, parece que se les olvidó que estamos en cuarentena."

"There are so many people on the streets like Peter for his house. Seems like they forgot we are in quarantine."

Spanish Honduras

Está yuca

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everyone

When something is hard to do.

"Está yuca realizar la tarea, no le entiendo. "

"It's not easy to do this, I don't understand it."

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Expression USED On Occasion BY Gen Y'ers

(n.) • Used mostly by Gen X and Gen Y to refer to a friend.

"Vamos a tener una reunión, hace tiempo no veo a mis aleros"

"We're having a reunion, haven't seen my aleros in a while"

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