Spanish Peru

Slang USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(adj.) Peruvian way to say "cool", "great" or "awesome"

"Eso es chévere!"

"That's super cool"

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Spanish Peru

Slang USED Very frequently BY Most People

(n.) a thief or pickpocket

"Un choro me robó el celular."

"A pickpocket stole my smartphone."

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* pitch

Spanish Peru

Slang USED Frequently BY Most People

(n.) A place to play football

"Están jugando football en la cancha."

"They are playing football in the pitch."

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Nos vemos más Tarzán*

* See you Tarzaner

Spanish Peru

Expression USED Frequently BY Friends

The standard phrase is "nos vemos más tarde" (see you later), and the pun transforms the last word into "Tarzán".

"¿Vienes a mi casa en la noche?" "Sí, nos vemos más Tarzán."

"Are you coming to my house tonight?" "Yeah, see you Tarzaner."



* paw

Spanish Lima, Peru

Slang USED Frequently BY Young People

(n.) Used to say my friend/buddy or to refer to a guy, but always used in 3rd person.

"Mañana mi pata hará una fiesta por su cumpleaños." "Mi hermano conoce un pata que te puede ayudar."

"Tomorrow, my paw is going to throw a party for his birthday." "My brother knows a paw who can help you."

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