Dutch | Flemish Belgium, The Netherlands

Nu komt de aap uit de mouw!

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Adults

(Now the monkey comes out of the sleeve!) • Used when something is revealed at last: The truth, someone's true intention, someone's true nature, etc.

-"Waarom zijn je cijfers plots zo hoog?" ="Ik heb gespiekt bij elke toets.." -"Nu komt de aap uit de mouw!"

-"Why are your grades suddenly so high?" ="I cheated on every test.." -"Now the monkey comes out of the sleeve!"

Dutch Belgium and the Netherlands

maak dat de kat wijs

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(make that the cat wise) • This is too unbelievable, I dont't believe you.

"Heb je maar twee uur slaap per nacht nodig? Maak dat de kat wijs!"

"You only need two hours of sleep every night? Make that the cat wise!"