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bсичко е ток и жици

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

(Everything is electricity and wires) • Everything is in order, or running smoothly. An optimal state of affairs.

"Дали сме платили ли сметката?" "Всичко е ток и жици."

"Have we paid the bill?" "Everything is electricity and cables!"

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не дърпай дявола за опашката!

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(do not pull the devil by the tail) • It is used in a situation where someone is saying something dark and the rest tell him to don't push his luck and call for the bad things to happen

"Сигурно ще ни изпитват днес по химия" - "Тихо, не дърпай дявола за опашката!"

"They will most probably examine us in chemistry today" - "Keep quiet, don't pull the devil by the tail"

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Word USED On Occasion BY Mostly authors

(n.) • the intense mixture of sadness, anger and regret; insufferable pain due to emotions.

"Каква горест изпитвам при мисълта за миналите лета в Чамкория!"

"Oh what pain brings me the memory of the past few summers here, in Chamkoria!"

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На гъза на географията

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(On the butthole of geography) • A faraway place.

- Къде се намира остров Токелау? - Откъде да знам?! Някъде на гъза на географията

- Where is Tokelau island located? - How am I supposed to know?! Somewhere on the butthole of geography.



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cлед дъжд качулка

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(after-rain hoodie) • Something already unnecessary, late.

"Той ми каза да не купувам чантата, защото той щял да ми я купи, но аз вече си я бях купила. След дъжд качулка."

"He told me not to buy the purse because he wanted to buy it for me, but I had already got it. After-rain hoodie."

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Slang USED Frequently BY Young people

Used to greet a friend. It is similar to “dude”, but it isn’t tied to a specific gender.

"Oo, майна, как е?"

"Hey dude, what’s up?"

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к’во стаа?

Standard Phrase USED Very frequently BY Young people and adults

(what’s happening) • The expression means 'what’s up', 'how’s it going'. The contracted form is more informal and frequently used, but only in speech; the long form is used in written texts.

"Оо, к’во стаа, не сме се виждали отдавна!"

"Oh, how’s it going, we haven’t seen each other in a while!"

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